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07.10.2019 | Highest point

15-11-2019 in: Architecture

The flag is up! This means the renovation of the house on the Stille Wille estate has reached it’s highest point! No matter how low the house is, this is the highest point and that’s… »

NLD, Niederlande, Eindhoven, Strijp R, RAG Gebaeude, Green Houses, neue Pflanzen und Blumen um die Gebaeude, Bauten von Eek en Dekkers | NLD, The Netherlands, Eindhoven, Strijp R, RAG building and green houses by Eek en Dekkers, new landscaping, plants and flowers

03.07.2019 | Update

02-07-2019 in: Architecture

It has been a while ago since the RAG building and even the Green houses have been finished. Since then a few seasons have passed and it’s becoming more and more visible how well the… »


11.04.2019 | RF Building

11-04-2019 in: Architecture

It has been a while since the first inhabitants moved into the RF building on Strijp R. Due to a dynamic process with many different inhabitants we weren’t able to make good exterior pictures up… »


04.03.2019 Book: Making Marks

04-03-2019 in: Architecture

Making Marks: Architects’ sketchbook – The Creative Process by Will Jones is now available. A inspirering book filled with illustrations of how architects use sketching in their design process. Because we use sketching as a… »


03.01.2019 | Casestudy Kubus

03-01-2019 in: Architecture

Today Kubus published a casestudy about our design for the Woodland cottages in Epse, drawn in Archicad. You will find the (dutch) article in this link.

NLD, Niederlande, Bergen aan Zee, Strand Pavillon Noord, Architektur von Eek en Dekkers (Eek En Dekkers Architecture) | NLD, The Netherlands, Bergen aan Zee, beach pavilion Noord, architecture by Eek en Dekkers (Eek En Dekkers Architecture)

30.04.2018 | beachpavilion Noord finished

30-04-2018 in: Architecture

A long road The last few months have been intense, but that’s not a problem. Sometimes you make mistakes and you roll with the punches. But last week we delivered the beach pavilion – a… »

NLD, Niederlande, Uitgeest, Neubau eines Festungs-Waechter-Hauses am Krommeniedijk, Architektur von Eek en Dekkers (Eek En Dekkers architecture) | NLD, The Netherlands, Uitgeest, construction of a wooden fort-keeper-residence at Krommeniedijk, architecture by Eek en Dekkers (Eek En Dekkers architecture)

10.01.2018 | Fort keepers residence completed

10-01-2018 in: Architecture

The fort keepers residence has been completed. In commission for Stadsherstel Amsterdam NV we have made a design for the new fort keepers residence next to Fort Krommeniedijk in Uitgeest. Piet Hein has made the… »

NLD, Niederlande, 's-Hertogenbosch, Werkwarenhuis | NLD, The Netherlands, 's-Hertogenbosch, Werkwarenhuis

08.01.2018 | New project: Werkwarenhuis

08-01-2018 in: Architecture

2018 awaits nice projects! For Social Label we were commissioned to make the design for phase 2 of the Werkwarenhuis in ‘s Hertogenbosch. The Werkwarenhuis is going to be realised in the central building on… »